By far the best way to see and purchase my work is at a show, where the textures and dimensions can be experienced first hand.  Check out my events schedule for opportunities!


To purchase a gift certificate for work and/or workshops, email or call for details:  Jaana@JaanaMattson.com, 612-723-2114


Each piece coming out of my studio is unique.  Due to the time involved in my one-of-a-kind felted landscapes and my show schedule it is a challenge to post and maintain work online for sale, so I only do it once a year in December.

To see if there is anything available, just visit my Etsy storefront

  • Commission and customized orders:
    • If you have a certain composition (something you have seen in my work before, trees, lake, hay bales, etc.) and would like to request a specific size or wood for the finished piece, I am happy to work up some pieces to show you.  Just email me with your requests.

I welcome any and all inquiries, please feel free to contact me.