large cloudscape in barn timber


Using delicate layers of dyed wool, built up on the surface one wisp at a time with a barbed needle, one can manipulate light and color in much the same way as an impressionistic painter. The resulting layers of fiber, three dimensional and textured, create an image blended by the viewer’s eye for incomparable richness.

The organic textures of fiber against wood draw the hand as well as the eye to examine the subtly layered compositions of these mixed-media sculptures. The completed felt textiles are recessed into locally milled and reclaimed timber, capturing an organic resonance between wood grain and wool fiber.

In the artist’s subconscious, landscapes are embedded over a lifetime of road trips and solitary journeys. With every change in light, weather, geography and season, hours on the road become a study of form in nature. The artist works from many photographs, but beyond an image, a feeling is captured to be translated into the final works.

cropped-felting.jpgJaana cropped 4river-bank-in-progress-4


Jaana Mattson is a mixed media artist who lives and works in her home studio in Minneapolis, MN.   She completed her MFA with a focus in fibers at the University of Washington – Seattle in 1999, and until 2012 designed and produced art jewelry. In 2012 Jaana decided to return to her mixed-media sculptural roots to recapture the freedom of being an artist rather than a production designer. During this period she investigated a range of materials and techniques such as welding, stained glass, encaustic medium and fibers combined with found objects. Her current body of work comprised of wood and fiber emerged from this study of diverse media and new perspectives on craft traditions.

The artist’s goal has always been to apply an innovative and fine-arts perspective to traditional craft materials.   With needle felting Jaana found the focus to explore and push the boundaries of what is expected of textiles while creating fully realized compositions that rely not on the novelty of materials, but the quality of the vision.


Jaana can be reached at or 612-723-2114

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