Bigfork River, 2017


Using delicate layers of dyed wool, built up one wisp at a time with a barbed needle, one can manipulate light and color in much the same way as an impressionist painter. The resulting layers of fiber create an image blended by the viewer’s eye.  The organic textures of wool and wood complement each other when the textile is recessed into locally milled and reclaimed timber.  All fiber and woodwork is entirely completed by the artist.


“These compositions are meditations on nature; the feel of the sun or the smell of an approaching storm, the sounds of insects singing in tall grass or waves lapping the shore.  I consider the mood of each landscape, drawing from my own sense memory.  After laying down colors as foundation for the composition, I build up to the final details where a small highlight often snaps my vision into focus.  After the intensively abstract process, I am surprised every time when I stand back and feel myself in the space created.    I work from my many photographs, but always seek to add my remembered feelings to the final work.”   – Jaana Mattson



cropped-felting.jpgJaana cropped 4river-bank-in-progress-4


Jaana Mattson lives, works and teaches from her home studio in Uptown, Minneapolis, MN.   In 1999 she completed her MFA with a focus in fibers at UW-Seattle.  For over 10 years she then designed and produced art jewelry before returning to her mixed-media sculptural roots to explore craft in new and sculptural dimensions through welding, stained glass, encaustic medium and fibers combined with found objects. Her current body of wood and fiber work emerged from this study of diverse media and new perspectives on craft tradition.



Jaana can be reached at or 612-723-2114

Jaana Mattson artist’s statement

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