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Needle Felted Wool Landscapes

Using delicate layers of dyed roving, Jaana's needle felted wool textiles are built and anchored one wisp at a time with a notched needle until the image becomes fabric. With these materials, one can manipulate light and color in much the same way as an impressionist painter, with the resulting layers of fiber blended by the viewer’s eye. The organic textures of wool and wood energize each other as the textile is recessed into locally milled or reclaimed timber. 

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Shop Online

Interested in purchasing an original work by Jaana?  Or, are you an artisan looking for felting supplies recommended by Jaana? 

Our Online Store has both individual works as well as everything you'll need to get started in your needle felting journey.

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Check out Jaana's Book: Landscapes in Wool: The Art of Needle Felting

Jaana's book "Landscapes in Wool: The Art of Needle Felting" is now available!  The book highlights 50 of Jaana's completed works and 5 full step-by-step tutorials.  Click on the link below to learn more about how to purchase a signed copy directly from Jaana.



After a long pandemic break from shows and workshops, Art Festivals are beginning to resume at last!  Check out the Event Schedule for the latest...



Jaana is beginning to offer in-person workshops again!  Check out the Class page for the latest... You can also follow Jaana's tutorials with her book, see some examples of the process on her YouTube channel.  Kits and materials are also available in her online shop.

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About Jaana Mattson 

Jaana Mattson recently moved her home and studio from Minnesota to Western North Carolina.   In 1999 she completed her MFA with a focus in fibers at UW-Seattle.  After designing and producing art jewelry for 10 years, Jaana returned to her mixed-media roots to explore craft in new and sculptural dimensions through welding, stained glass, encaustic medium and fibers combined with found objects. 

Jaana offers some of her original works, as well as felting supplies to purchase online.  

500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158


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